Crystals Start with W

Dive into the captivating realm of crystals beginning with W,immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about each crystal's unique properties and embrace the transformative power they bring to your life.

  • Astrolnner

    White Agate

    White Agate is a stone of protection and is also known as the stone of peace. It can help you to attune to your spiritual self, and to find your own personal truths. It teaches one about patience, self-discipline, and integrity and is believed to help promote clear communication between individuals who are in a relationship together. One can use it to feel more positive about their life and be more open-minded and accepting of others' differences from theirs.

    • Chakra: Crown
    • Zodiac sign: Gemini
    • Best for: Pregnancy, Good Fortune, Releasing Anger

  • Astrolnner

    White Sapphire

    White Sapphire is a stone of purity and highest vibration said to be the stone of universal love. It is associated with the crown chakra, but can help all chakras to align with the divine will. Some say it is an excellent crystal for meditation to get in touch with your higher self and connect with your angels and spirit guides. It has been used for centuries in sacred ceremonies for its ability to enhance psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

    • Chakra: Crown, Third-Eye
    • Zodiac sign: Taurus
    • Best for: Wisdom, Strength, Spirituality, Insight, Guidance, Protection

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