Crystals Start with I

Dive into the captivating realm of crystals beginning with I,immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about each crystal's unique properties and embrace the transformative power they bring to your life.

  • Astrolnner

    Iceland Spar Calcite

    Iceland Spar is a variety of Calcite. It is a crystal that can be found in Iceland but also in other locations around the world. Iceland's Spar has been used for centuries as a stone for psychic protection and healing. This crystal’s healing practices have strong energy fields and resonant frequencies used to cleanse, balance and align chakras, energy centers within the body. It’s also believed to have strong healing qualities on a cellular level which helps to restore health and well-being in the body.

    • Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Root, Sacral, Throat, Sacral
    • Zodiac sign: Aquarius, Cancer
    • Best for: Inner Vision, Manifestation, Healing, Clarity, Insight, Transformation

  • Astrolnner


    Iolite is a blue crystal with a distinctive flattened hexagonal shape. Iolite is known as the stone of peace, tranquility, and balance. It can be used to bring peace back into your life after an incident or period of stress has occurred. It also helps to reduce feelings of anger and resentment. They can also help to balance emotions, increase intuition and psychic gifts, and enhance creativity. Iolite brings joy and love into any relationship.

    • Chakra: Third Eye, Throat
    • Zodiac sign: Third Eye, Throat
    • Best for: Spiritual Growth, Emotional Balance

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