Tiger eye is a powerful crystal known for its healing properties, believed to provide protection, strength, courage, and clear thinking. The gemstone is also associated with fire, representing passion and ambition.

This guide will explore the meaning of the tiger eye, its healing properties, and powers. We will look at how to use the tiger eye for meditation, visualization, protection, and more.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye is a gemstone used for centuries for its symbolic meaning and healing properties. It is credited with providing clarity and focus, fostering courage and dispelling fear, bringing wealth and abundance, instilling patience, boosting energy levels, and aiding decision-making.

The stone gets its name from its characteristic yellow-brown color with a silky luster that resembles the eye of a tiger or a cat. Ancient civilizations commonly used it in jewelry as an amulet of protection and good luck. In modern times, it has become a popular choice for fashion accessories due to its striking colors and luster.

The Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

The healing properties of the Tiger's Eye are well known. It's believed to be a protective stone that can help ward off negative energy and provide an overall sense of security and well-being. Additionally, it’s said to bring about physical healing by improving blood circulation and digestion.

Tiger's Eye provides physical protection and health benefits, as well as spiritual ones. It can aid your spiritual journey, helping you delve deeper into your inner self for clarity and insight.

By connecting with the power of the universe, Tiger's Eye can help direct energy towards personal fulfillment and contentment with life itself.

Tiger's Eye for Protection and Courage

Tiger’s Eye protects the owner from the “evil eye” - the negative energy sent out by envy or jealousy. It can also be used for protection against physical dangers such as accidents or other misfortune.

This healing crystal can also provide strength, courage, and mental clarity when dealing with challenging life issues such as traumatic experiences or difficult conversations.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Wealth and Prosperity

Tiger's eye is also often used to aid in healing matters of wealth and prosperity. It is a great motivator, instilling the confidence to tackle large projects or achieve life-long goals.

Here are some ways that you can use tiger's eye to boost your wealth and prosperity:

Wear Tiger's Eye Jewelry

Wearing tiger's eye jewelry or carrying an amulet or other talisman with this stone will help bring its energies into your life.

For instance, you can wear a necklace or bracelet with a tiger's eye stone or keep a small piece of the stone in your wallet or money bag.

Meditation With Tiger's Eye

Meditating with a tiger's eye can help open yourself up to new opportunities for wealth and abundance.

To do this, hold the stone in your hands and focus on its energies as you meditate. Visualize yourself achieving success, financial security, and abundance, and fill yourself with gratitude for what you have achieved thus far.

Place Tiger's Eye In Your Home Or Office

Place pieces of tiger's eye around your home or office to bring positive energy that will attract good fortune and create an atmosphere of abundance.

Place one near the entrance of your home, in the kitchen and dining room areas, near windowsills, on shelves or desks in your office space - wherever you feel it will be most beneficial.

Tiger's Eye for Feng Shui and Energy Balancing

The balancing properties of Tiger's Eye make it ideal for use in Feng Shui applications. Here are some ways to bring Tiger's Eye into your space:

  • Place it near your home's entryway as a welcoming protector of your space.
  • Place two pieces around your bed or desktop to aid with decision-making and stress management.
  • To attract inspiration and positivity, hang over your main work area, facing outwards.
  • Place it near a window or door to absorb negative energy from outside sources.

Table of Properties

Here's a table detailing the geological properties of Tiger’s Eye:



Chemical classification

Mineral (Silicate)

Chemical formula

SiO₂ (Silicon dioxide)

Crystal system



Golden-brown, yellow-brown




Silky, chatoyant (reflects light in a band)




Found worldwide, commonly in South Africa, Australia, and the United States


Tiger's Eye forms when fibers of crocidolite (blue asbestos) are replaced by silica. The process is known as pseudomorphosis.


Translucent to opaque



Mohs hardness



In conclusion, the tiger eye's depth and variety of healing properties allow it to be used for virtually any situation, offering protection, clarity, and insight.

The tiger eye is a great go-to for those seeking balance and inner strength. The tiger's eye is a powerful tool to manifest abundance, power, and self-esteem.

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