As the name suggests, bloodstone has long been associated with blood and life force. Many believe it has intense healing and protective properties, and it is thought to revitalize, ground, and inspire courage in those who wear it.

In this guide, you will learn about bloodstones' meaning and healing properties. We will explore its history and lore, how to spot real bloodstone, the best ways to use it, and how you can harness its power in your daily life. Once you understand its potential, you may find that bloodstone is indispensable to your spiritual journey.

The Meaning and Lore of Bloodstone

The bloodstone is an intense green variety of chalcedony quartz flecked with red spots of iron oxide that resemble drops of blood. This striking stone has a long history of use as a talisman and amulet.

It is a symbol of courage, strength, and victory. The red spots represent the blood of Jesus Christ and Christian martyrs. Bloodstone was believed to stop bleeding, making it popular with soldiers, surgeons, and expectant mothers.

Healing Properties

Bloodstone is believed to have powerful healing properties. It is thought to purify and detoxify the body, ground negative energies, and stimulate circulation. Bloodstone is also considered helpful for:

Stopping Bleeding

Bloodstone was historically used to staunch the flow of blood from wounds. It was believed that the red spots in the stone were the actual dried blood of Jesus Christ, giving it special powers.

Improving Blood Circulation

Bloodstone supports a healthy circulatory system and blood flow in crystal healing. It may help reduce inflammation and ease symptoms like cold hands and feet.

Removing Toxins

In crystal healing, bloodstone purifies the blood and clears the body of toxins. It is believed to support the liver, kidneys, spleen, and bladder by helping filter waste and improve function.

Relieving Anxiety and Stress

The grounding energies of bloodstone are thought to help calm a troubled mind and ease stressful feelings. It may help boost confidence and mental clarity while dispelling feelings of irritability or confusion.

Promoting Courage and Strength

Bloodstone symbolizes courage, vitality, and strength in crystal healing. It is thought to lend physical power and endurance, as well as mental determination and resilience in the face of challenges or adversity.

Using Bloodstone

To utilize the healing properties of bloodstone, you can:

  • Hold the stone in your hands during meditation to absorb its energies. Focus on your intention to cleanse your body and mind.
  • Place bloodstones over areas of the body you want to heal or balance. For example, put it on your lower abdomen to improve kidney function or your heart chakra to ease anxiety.
  • Wear bloodstone jewelry like a necklace or bracelet to keep its energies close to you during the day. Look for jewelry with bloodstone tumble, beads, or large center stones.
  • Use a bloodstone massage wand or roller on the skin. Slowly roll it over the body while focusing on healing and renewal.
  • Add several bloodstone stones to a warm bath. Soak in the bath to benefit from the detoxifying and circulatory effects. Visualize the water dissolving any negative energies or ailments.

Wearing Bloodstone Jewelry for Energy and Grounding

Bloodstone is ideal for wearing as jewelry as a stone of vitality and endurance. Bloodstone can have powerful energizing and grounding effects when worn close to the body.


Bloodstone is believed to increase vitality, strength, and courage. Wearing bloodstone jewelry, such as a pendant necklace or bracelet, helps to keep the stone’s energizing properties close to your body throughout the day.

This can help combat fatigue, boost stamina and motivation, and increase zest for life. The iron oxide inclusions in bloodstone, which give the stone its distinctive red color, may also help support healthy blood circulation and oxygenation.


Bloodstone is a grounding stone that helps to calm a restless mind and strengthen your connection with the present moment. Wearing bloodstone jewelry helps to keep these grounding energies close, which can aid focus and concentration.

This grounding effect also helps reduce anxiety, stress, or being overwhelmed. The earthy green color of Bloodstone signifies growth and renewal, which can help shift your mindset to a more balanced and optimistic state.


Bloodstone is considered a protective stone to safeguard against negative influences when worn close to the body.

Bloodstone jewelry, such as a ring or bracelet, helps to create an energetic shield around you that wards off harm and clears your aura of negative energy. This protective quality can help you feel more secure and less vulnerable to external stress or emotional drain. Bloodstone also defends against feelings of envy or jealousy from others.

Wearing bloodstone in the form of jewelry keeps its vitalizing, grounding, and protective powers close at hand. Bloodstone jewelry can profoundly affect your energy, focus, and sense of well-being when selected with intention and worn consistently.

Table of Properties

Here's a table detailing the geological properties of Bloodstone:



Chemical Classification

Chalcedony (variety of quartz)

Chemical Formula


Crystal System



Dark green with red to brown spots






Translucent to opaque


Found in India, Brazil, Australia, and the United States


Bloodstone forms in cavities and fractures in rocks


Translucent to opaque



Mohs Hardness



Bloodstone's powers are said to strengthen over time, so commit to establishing a lifelong bond with this versatile and vibrant stone. Let Bloodstone ignite your passion and vitality while also grounding your spirit. Discover for yourself the many gifts of this beautiful crystal.

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